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4 Driving Habits that are Detrimental for Your New Used Car

If you have bought your used car from Family Auto buy here pay here car dealership, you naturally expect top-notch quality. You trust our reputation. We have also given you a 2-year/36,000 miles warranty. Nothing should go wrong with your new used car in the next few years unless…. your driving habits are backfiring. Yes, along with regular maintenance and scheduled replacements, you need to check your driving habits as well to keep your new used car internally healthy. But most of us drive our cars all wrong and unknowingly cause severe damage.

Here are 4 driving habits that are detrimental for our cars.

1. Switching from drive to reverse like James Bond movies

No car is designed to switch from drive to reverse that fast and playing out the action scenes in real life can wreak havoc in the vehicle’s drivetrain. We tend to reverse quickly in parking lots with little room or when we are in a hurry and this applies immense pressure to the whole drivetrain, causing it to wear down quickly. Instead, bring your car to a complete stop before switching. This will make the parts survive long.

2. Driving with low fuel levels in the tank

This is not entirely our fault. Rising gasoline prices have forced owners of used cars and trucks in Anderson to fill their tanks below the optimal level. But, this again, does not help the engine and the associated drive train. One, the fuel pumps are cooled by the fuel itself. Low supply does not dissipate the heat enough and damages the part. And two, low levels of fuel in the tank attract moisture. And this is not good for the engine’s combustion chamber.

3. Driving with one foot on the brake pedal

Most of us use this so-called smart technique with our used cars in Anderson, SC. Isn’t it an efficient way to hit the brakes or keep the speed under control? When you drive like this, you are actually making the engine work harder. The brakes are continuously applying friction to the tires and the engine is working against it to return the desired acceleration. Both the engine and brakes suffer. Use the gas pedal only instead and apply the brakes when necessary.

4. Not engaging the parking brakes at all

Check any bad credit cars for sale in a reputed dealership and you will see that the parking brakes are engaged irrespective of the vehicles standing on an inclined surface or not. This is done to preserve the health of the parking pawl – a significant car part that sits with the transmission and engages when a car is at rest. When you do not use the parking brakes, the entire load of the car falls in the parking pawl. Obviously, it will wear out faster if it unnecessarily has to work everytime you park.


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