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4 Questions to Ask the Dealer Before Buying a Used Truck

Buying a used truck is very different than buying a used car. Your needs from a truck will differ and you will have to prioritize a few features that you do not have to bother yourself with in the used car segment. If you are buying a used truck just for the fascination of it, then you might take it a bit easy but if your truck will see regular hard work, combined with long drives, you need to take your research seriously. So, ask the following questions to the dealership while buying used trucks in Anderson, SC. Look for specific answers and then shake hands on the deal.

1. What’s the towing and payload capacity like?

When looking at used trucks for sale in Anderson, people often get fascinated by a Ford or Chevrolet. But what they should really be looking into is the truck’s towing and payload capacity. Towing capacity defines how much load you can pull behind the truck while payload specifies the amount you can carry on the bed. Depending on your use of the truck, you should compare models based on these specifications. Not by the brand or popularity of used trucks.

2. How much mileage does the truck have?

Low mileage and used trucks do not go along. That equation is good for luxury sedans or hatchbacks. Pickup trucks are built for hard work and allowing them to sit in one place for extended periods is detrimental for the vehicle. The rubber parts become brittle. The engine loses lubrication and undergoes excessive wear and tear. Low mileage used trucks are highly unreliable. Ask used car lots in Anderson to direct to high mileage used trucks. These have continuously seen action and carry high underlying reliability.

3. Was the truck maintained properly?

If specs and mileage check out, you need to dig deeper. Maintenance plays a huge factor in determining vehicle quality and the amount of money you will have to pay for repairs during your ownership. Pickup truck parts cost more than standard vehicle parts. Repair expenses thus shoot up. If the oil was not changed or the timing belt was not replaced when it was due, that seriously affects the engine which will break down after a few years. You do not want that added cost. Always buy a pickup with a clean maintenance history.

4. Do I get a warranty on the used pickup truck?

Warranties are the best way to ensure the pickup’s quality that you are buying. It tells you that the vehicle is free of hidden damages and repair costs will not come to haunt you any time soon. Family Auto offers a flat warranty of 2 years/36,000 miles on any pickup truck that you buy from its lot. No additional upfront payment, no hidden terms. You are naturally missing out on a deal that you deserve if you are buying a pickup without warranties. Flat warranties not only ensure pickup truck quality but also benefit you by keeping repair expenses in check in the long run.


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