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5 Cars That You Can Buy with Just $1000 Down

1000 down car lots in Anderson, SC are for people who cannot afford a high down payment upfront. These are dealerships for those who need a car and can do without the luxury. Sure, you cannot buy a used Cadillac or a Mercedes with just $1000 as down payment but in the right dealership with a massive inventory, you can find the following cars that punch above their monetary weight. Jot down your needs, pinpoint the features, and get an impressive car with just $1000 in hand.

1.Mitsubishi Mirage

Before you get disappointed with the make, keep in mind that the Mitsubishi Mirage returns a highway EPA of 41 mpg and a city of 33 mpg. And if that is not enough, you get a host of modern techs in the car to keep you warm and safe. A typical 5 to 7-year-old Mirage should come under $10,000 at a buy here pay here. And the top used car dealers in Anderson will be happy to sell you the car with just $1000 as a down payment.

2.Toyota Yaris

Here is a top seller for you that can come with $1000 down. The Yaris carries the efficiency and reliability of Toyota and returns EPA figures better than most hatches and sedans. But owing to Toyota’s high popularity, you might have to go at least 8 years old to find the low down payment deal with the Yaris. Again, shop around in the best Anderson, SC, car dealerships to guarantee finding a Yaris.

3.Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent may often seem under priced given the segment the automaker markets this car but this very fact can work to your advantage in the 1000 down car lots in Anderson, SC. You can buy a fairly new Accent at half its current MSRP. And this low figure enables you to pay such a low down payment without much fuss. The fuel economy, more importantly, makes up for the few faults that the Accent carries.

4.Kia Rio

One of the best cars that you can buy with $1000 down payment. For nearly a decade now, Kia is doing everything right with its Rio. The engine is reliable and returns a modest performance. The EPA shoots the ball out of the park with the ratings standing at 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. Lastly, Kia Niro carries the tech you need. Even if you go a decade older, you will not miss any of the modern experience.

5.Chevrolet Sonic

You can buy a 7-year-old sonic with just $1000 as down payment. And you will get a modest 138 HP under the hood with automatic transmission and impressive EPA. In fact, the best used car dealers in Anderson sell out Chevrolet’s Sonic first as compared to the Spark as the former is known to offer more reliability. If you want a fairly new car but only have $1000 to spare, this is your car.


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