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5 Warning Signs that Say Your Used Car Needs New Tires

How many of us actually see our car’s tires as vital safety parts? We mainly think about them when we get a flat or the TMPS light comes on in the dashboard to indicate that the pressure is off. Otherwise, we merely assume that the tires take care of themselves and nothing can go wrong until we get a flat.

However, most reports say that a majority of road accidents happen in the United States because of old and worn-out tires. Drivers continued to use decade-old tires because they did not get a flat and the tires could not produce the required traction when the situation required it. So, we have to collectively accept that tires are important. We need to monitor their health not only when we are buying used cars in Anderson but also when we are driving the vehicle daily.

Here are 5 warning signs that say that your used car needs a new set of tires soon.

1.The vehicle’s tires do not seem to hold air

If the tire pressure monitoring system or the TMPS light is coming on more frequently than it is supposed to or if you find yourself frequently inflating the tires, know that there is a hidden leak somewhere due to excessive wear and tear. Tires operating in underinflated condition wear down faster. You need to replace the tire that is not holding air immediately to avoid a flat in the middle of the highway or worse, lose traction on a wet road.

2.The sidewalls are cracked or bulged

Used cars and used trucks in Anderson, SC driven on overinflated or underinflated tires develop cracks and bulges on the tire sidewalls. And these are signs of deteriorating rubber that is not going to last long. Cracks and bulges form weak spots in those specific areas. The tires then become incapable of bearing the car’s weight, let alone generating traction. They become outright dangerous then and demand replacement.

3.The tires fail the penny test

Probably the easiest way to keep track of your vehicle’s tires’ tread depth is to carry out the penny test periodically. The optimal depth is 2/32 inches. Simply speaking, if you insert a penny into one of the treads and President Lincoln’s top part of the head shows, it indicates that the tires no longer have optimal tread depths. Replace them as early as possible because the tread depths are important to generate friction.

4.The steering wheel keeps vibrating while driving

You will feel it as soon as this starts happening. The steering wheel is, ultimately, connected to the tires and a set of tires that are not gripping the road properly will send shocks and vibrations up through the gears to the steering wheel. If the wear and tear are extensive, the whole vehicle will start shaking and that is a desperate sign of the need to replace tires. In used car dealerships in Anderson, SC, you should also look out for this phenomenon during the test drive.

5.The cords on the tires are starting to show

This only happens in very old and neglected tires where the owner merely forgot that tires exist in vehicles. When the treads completely wear off, the metal or polyester cords reveal themselves from underneath to tell you that the tire is incapable of generating any sort of traction. A vehicle with such tires should not be driven unless a new set of tires replaces the old worn-out ones.

Some used car dealerships in Anderson, SC sell vehicles with old tires. And the practice is not only unethical but dangerous for the buyer. This is why you need to stick to trusted buy here pay here dealerships to buy your next used car and Family Auto of Anderson is a top name in that list.

At Family Auto, we do not compromise with vehicle quality. Our reconditioning is impeccable and we put used cars up for sale only after a thorough quality inspection process. Visit Family Auto for the best used cars in Anderson and buy with a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty.


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