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Are One-Owner Vehicles the Best Used Cars in Anderson? Not Always

Who does not want a one-owner used car? We know that these are great vehicles, have seen a single pattern of driving, must have been taken care of properly, and carry genuine parts. People comb used car dealers in Anderson, SC for months in search of one-owner vehicles only to realize later that they are rare commodities. Today, Americans are changing their cars every 5 years and you cannot expect to find used vehicles easily that just had one owner.And even if you manage to locate one, there is no surety of quality. At times, multiple-owner used cars are way better.

Why buyers prefer one-owner used cars?

The reason is more of an assumption than pure logic. Many believe that consumers who had the financial capacity of buying a new car should be able to afford the maintenance and repairs that are required during the ownership. Compared to that, someone who is buying a decade-old used car with 150,000 miles on it may not take care of the vehicle as a new car owner would. This belief leads many people to believe that one-owner used cars are in better condition internally than two or three-owners. Hence, the rush in Anderson car dealerships to buy such vehicles.

Isn’t the opinion true?

Buying new cars in America is no longer a sign of financial stability. Easy loans have made the commodity more accessible despite its high price.
-Not all new car owners surely take care of their cars. Often, the high initial price tag robs many of the finances required to afford maintenance later.
Used cars have become more popular. People are buying and selling more used cars than ever before and single-owner used cars are thus becoming obsolete.
-Cars also face damage if left unused. A single owner might not be able to drive the car for the required miles, causing internal wear and tear.

So, the next time when you visit a top car dealership in Anderson, SC, keep in mind that one-owner is no longer the magic number. In fact, stop paying attention to the number of previous owners altogether and focus on the current condition of the car and the deals you are getting.

At Family Auto buy here pay here in Anderson, SC, you get a flat 2-year/36,000 miles warranty on every car in the lot. Additionally, we absorb only quality vehicles after expert checks and sell the best used cars and trucks. When you buy from us, the number of previous owners will not matter. You will get a premium value for money no matter what.


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