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Ask Your Used Car Dealer These Questions Before Visiting to Buy a Car

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Used car buying is actually a simple process if you know how to research right. And a crucial part of that research is calling up the dealer and asking a few questions. The idea is not only to clear your genuine doubts but also to test them against other dealers, judge their deals available, and predicting the experience you will likely have once you head over. First, choose a top name in the industry like Family Auto, and then ask the following questions in the exact order.

1. From where do you get your cars?

The importance of this question lies in the answer. Many used car dealers build their fleet only from the wholesale market. Hence, they are more likely to have cars that are either coming in from rental companies or insurers. But Family Auto cars also come from individual owners via their trade-in policy. This gives you a shot at owning cars that did not see a long line of owners.

2. How do you ensure your car’s quality?

Family Auto car dealerships will tell you that they provide flat warranties of 2 years/36,000 miles. They will also run you down through the steps of reconditioning that they follow. A light read-up on the internet should equip you with the knowledge of what all reconditioning a used car typically needs and keep an ear out for most of them. Ask why this is done and why that is not done and make sure you are satisfied with the answers.

3. Will you check my credit report for financing?

Family Auto buy here pay here dealership, like most similar top dealerships, do not look into your credit score while approving your auto financing. But they will have to look into your monthly income to determine the amount of loan that they can approve. If a dealer says no to this question, understand that something shady will go on.

4. What if I do not like the car I want?

Used cars come with history. And there are times when you will not like what you see. But top dealerships like Family Auto of Anderson have massive inventories that can accommodate a variance of the same model. Maybe another trim or year of production. But if you go looking for a car that is highly popular among South Carolina’s and do not like what is available, either the dealer will ask you to wait to get a better model for you or show you similar vehicles that carry the exact specs.

5. How long will it take for the entire buying process to get over?

There is no best way to answer this as the time the entire process will take will ultimately depend on your buying needs. If you just go in to buy the car, it should be over in a couple of hours. Financing will involve a few extra steps and will take longer. On top of that, if you buy with trade-in, things will drag a bit but it will never consume your entire day. Unscrupulous dealers unnecessarily stretch to tire you out and hike the price taking advantage of your exhaustion. But not Family Auto. Processing is fast here and usually you are in and out in an hour.


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