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Buying Used Cars in Anderson – How Old is Old Enough?

The age of used car is definitely an important factor. In the top car dealerships in Anderson, SC, you can buy vehicles that were manufactured in the 1990s, still in perfect shape. But just because such a used car is available, it does not mean that a 20-odd years old vehicle is viable if you are looking to maintain it for a further decade. So, the million-dollar question is – how old is old enough for used cars? Should you buy 1-year-old certified cars that almost always seem safe or stick to 5-year-old used cars that come with a better price tag than the certified ones? Hint – the older, the better.

Think 3-4 years or beyond

1-year-old certified used cars carry a premium price. They are yet to lose a chunk of their dollar value to depreciation which will happen over the next few years. The vehicle will not lose its performance or parts’ integrity but it will lose its monetary value and that is when you should time your purchase. By the time a used car is 3 to 4-years-old, depreciation will have flattened and you will not lose much during your ownership. You can get a great resale as well following this strategy.

7-years-old is optimal

People who buy used Dodge cars in Anderson that have just crossed the 7-year-old mark have reported greater value for money. Things have worked out even better for used car owners of more reliable brands like Honda and Toyota. Just at the brink of crossing from 4 to 5 years, a used vehicle with average miles on it sees a few replacements like timing belts, coolant fluids, and more. When you buy a 7-year-old vehicle, these replacements have already been made and you do not have to incur the cost for some time now. Statistics also show that a 7-year-old used vehicle will run its owner for a solid 9 years more without many hefty repairs.

Don’t give up on 10-year-old used cars

If you visit reputed dealerships like Family Auto of Anderson, even 10-year-old used cars will be worth buying. First up, such vehicles will be immensely economical, again thanks to depreciation. And these are perfect vehicles to buy if you want your used car to have no-fuss features or premium features at affordable prices. Modern technology has enabled automakers to manufacture vehicles that survive long. So, for example buy used Acura cars in Anderson that are 10+ years old and drive around without paying a fortune.In all, no number is old enough today for used cars as long as you are buying with warranties from a trusted dealer.


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