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Chevy Silverado vs Nissan Titan – Which Used Full-Size Truck is Better for Anderson Buyers?

For used truck shoppers in Anderson who either want to look beyond the Ford F150s or want an alternative because their preferred brand is not in stock with the dealership, two names stand right out – Chevrolet Silver-ado from the house of General Motors and Nissan Titan. Both these trucks are near competitors. They have the same features and nearly the same measurements and can almost do the same things. Yet, one is clearly better than the other and that should be your first pick while shopping for used trucks in Anderson. Which one? Read on to find out.

Chevy Silverado packs more options than Nissan

Full-size pickup trucks are all about their powertrain and in this department, the Chevrolet Silverado has more options than the Nisan Titan. You can buy a used 4.3-liter 285 HP Silverado if your hauling needs are not that overwhelming or you can choose to go for the top-of-the-line 6.2-liter 420 HP pickup that can easily tow up to 13,400 lbs. With the Titan, you just get one option – a 5.6-literV8. The engine can deliver 400 HP with 11,000 lbs. towing. Depending on your need, the pick should be obvious.

Nisan Titan is way costlier than Silverado

Having just one model in the market, the Nissan Titan carries a higher price tag than most of the Silver ado pickups. The top trim of the latter costs near to the Titan but is still cheaper given the higher power train specs it comes with. Along with this, the Chevrolet Silver-ado has a greater resale value in the used car market than the Nissan Titan. And this is where the choice becomes obvious when it comes to used trucks and used cars for sale in Anderson. The combination of lower prices and higher resale keeps the Silver ado in front.

Chevy Silver ado is roomier than the Titan

Home run and Chevy wins! The cabin is bigger in the Silverado. The bed is also a few inches more in dimensions. Putting this into perspective, Chevrolet Silverado can sit 6 people inside while the Nissan Titan can only accommodate 5. You will want the extra space in your pickup. Even if you do not carry that much cargo or do not have that many friends, having room in the cabin and bed comes with its own advantages.

So, comparing directly, the Silver-ado should be your used truck in Anderson. But just because the Titan loses here, it does not mean that the pickup is not a fair competitor. Visit the top used car dealership in Anderson and buy a quality truck. For now, you know which brand to buy and why.


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