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Financing Used Cars in Anderson: Can You Trade-In if You Still Owe Money on Your Old Car?

Used car tradeins are excellent ways to increase your down payment by using the asset value of your current car. But given the financing options available nowadays, not many people visit used car dealers in Anderson, SC with old cars that are entirely paid off. Technically, it is possible to trade in a vehicle on which you still owe money but the process is not that simple as a few dealers claim on their advertisements. You will come across a few roadblocks. Some parameters will be out of your control. And in the end, you might benefit more by paying off your auto loan first and then go for a trade-in.

Here is what you need to know about trading vehicles that still have outstanding credit.

You might be upside down

In other words, your vehicle’s current dollar value might be less than what you still owe to the lender. This happens when you bought a fast depreciating used car with a low-down payment and extended your credit span beyond 36 months. You paid less each month against your auto loan and the vehicle depreciated faster than the rate at which the loan got reduced. Trading such a vehicle means that you will have to pay some amount out of your pocket even when you are selling your car. The benefit of trading your vehicle does not arrive.

You might pay more while refinancing

Some Anderson car dealerships will offer to help you if you are in an upside-down condition. They will pay the difference between the loan amount and your car’s net present value and include the sum in the auto loan you are taking from them to finance your next vehicle. This is called refinancing, and if you have a bad credit score and are going for bad credit financing, the interest rate payable on the difference will rise as you just shifted your auto loan from one lender to another. Even with a good credit score, refinancing increases the net loan amount you apply for and the interest rate payable always increases if you wish to trade an upside-down car.

The lender and the dealer must have an understanding

Not always will you find car lots in Anderson, SC willing to refinance your used car. Say your vehicle is not in an upside-down condition and the car’s present value is actually greater than what you own. Lenders do not benefit if you pay off your loan early. They lose revenue and generally charge a certain amount for foreclosing. Unless the new dealership gives the lender some incentive, you will have to pay the fee that is almost always greater than the net interest you would have paid if you had continued with your loan. So, if the lender and dealer have an understanding, you benefit. If not, which is the case almost always, you lose money by trading a vehicle that still has a loan due.

Pay off your loan first

And then look to trade-in to get maximum value. Some Anderson car dealerships also use the outstanding loan amount to devalue your car. Any glitch is seen as a liability and dealerships look to extract profit. At Family Auto, you get the best trade-in experience. When your old vehicle is paid off, you get a competitive resale rate that is hard to beat in the market. And we help you to design your used car financing so that you do not go upside-down and get the best value whenever you decide to resell.

Hold your patience and see off your auto loan. Visit Family Auto to trade at the best price. This is the path you should take and extract maximum value from your used car trade-in.


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