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Fix Your Old Car or Buy a New Used Car: What Should You Do?

It is never easy to give up your existing car. The emotional attachment is just too much. But if that car is shutting down frequently and you are having to visit the servicing shop more than the grocery, the time might have come for you to consider a purchase. Be that as it may, how might you be certain that you are settling on the correct decision? Isn’t repairs less expensive than buying a car and naturally the smarter financial option between the two? Well, in the short-term, repairs may seem like a few dollars, but when you accumulate the overall cost you are spending behind one vehicle, used cars in Anderson, South Carolina, can become worth considering.

The cost of fixing your car

Let us assume that you have taken good care of your car. You have followed all the maintenance schedules and replaced all those parts periodically as per the vehicle’s manual. Yet, at around 80,000 to 100,000 miles, you will start noticing a few glitches that will frequently send your car to the shop. The rubber belts connecting the gears dry up and crack. Axle boots and brake rotors undergo irreparable wear and tear. The water pump might require replacements and the radiator may start leaking. The minimum cost that you will have to bear for such age-related repairs is around $600. And as the vehicle sees more miles, the cumulative cost can go up to $7,000.

But then again, the argument stands that once the repairs are done correctly, your car is bound to survive. And no one can deny that. However, at precisely that 100,000 miles mark, the check engine light also starts blinking and, in the worst-case scenario, you can add another $7,500 to those initial repair costs. That sums up to around $14,500 and you still own a vehicle with 100k+ miles on it. This means more repairs are bound to come your way, combined with the hassles and expenses.

Consider buying used cars

In the top used car dealerships in Anderson, SC, you can easily get a new used car for that amount. And even though the mileage figures on the vehicle may be the same as your old car, the warranty you get will keep your expenses at bay. On the other side, a new car can be your option as well. But the prices are generally double that of used cars and they might not be financially viable.

So, look for those used car dealerships with buy here pay here in Anderson, SC, where you get financial benefits, warranties and a trade-in policy to buy a used car, especially when the repair costs are soaring and becoming quite frequent. This is when used cars become a smarter investment than continuing with fixing your old car.


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