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How to Best Use Your 2nd COVID-19 Stimulus Check?

How to best use your stimulus check? President Donald Trump had already signed the $900 billion relief bill under the CARES Act and a promise was made that every eligible American will receive a second round of stimulus check worth $600 on top of the first check they received a few months back. Finally, Steve Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, recently declared that the 2nd stimulus checks have started going out. Some will receive the paper format in their mailboxes. Others will have it directly deposited into their IRS account. The COVID-19 relief check is coming to add a little sunshine during these tough times.

Just like any other extra money that you did not expect to have at the end of the month, your first thought about the $600 stimulus check should be to invest it. And what better way there is than using the amount as a down payment to get yourself and/or your family a new used car. A vehicle can give you better short-term returns than any other investment instrument. It can help you restart your stalled life along with adding safety into the mix.

Why buying a used car is the best investment?

First, owning your own car will reduce your transportation time. And you already know that. You can easily use the extra hours, that you otherwise spend traveling, in looking for a new job and working overtime there to build your income and savings. Additionally, you can travel further to look for a job with a car than you cannot afford to do on public transport. Note that gasoline prices have plummeted throughout the country. Driving a car can now save you both time and money.

Second, and probably the most important reason given the current times, your personal car is way safer than any public transport. You need to be cautious, maintain social distancing, and avoid close human contact to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection both for your sake and your family’s safety. A personal used car ticks all the right safety boxes and you can go out without worries in search of a job or to keep your existing one.

Where can you find a used car for just $600?

At Family Auto of Anderson, we have a massive inventory of quality used cars that come at all price ranges and you are sure to find a vehicle that will require you to pay only $600 as a down payment. Plus, we are a buy here pay here dealership. This means we will help you to finance your car irrespective of your credit score status and we have trade-in offers that allow you to include your old car’s monetary value into the new used car’s payment. In short, you can buy a new used car in Family Auto just with your 2nd round stimulus check. We will have you covered on the rest.

Invest the money right, get what you need to secure your near-future, and come out of the COVID-19 crisis like a winner. You know a car is an invaluable asset. So, wait no more.


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