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How to Check Used Cars for Extensive Prior Accident Damage?

Almost all used car dealers in Anderson, SC buy a majority of their cars from the wholesale market. And depending on the sellers they visit and the amount they pay, the quality of the fleet is determined. Reputed brands like Family Auto buy only the cream of the wholesale cars. The rest is picked up by small-time dealers who try to beat the competition by providing cheap used cars.

In this latter group, often salvage cars join the lot. These are vehicles that were involved in massive accidents and deemed unfit for repair by insurance companies. A few body shops do their magic on such cars, mask the visible damage signs, and roll out cars that are unsafe for driving. And you can spot accident-damaged used cars in Anderson, SC by carrying out the following tests.

1. Look for uneven gaps in the car

Visual inspection is the key. A poorly done job on cars that had faced massive accidents will be visible to the ones who are actually looking. First, while buying used cars, check the gaps all over the car. Look at the space between the doors. And see the distance between the tires and the car’s body on all four wheels. Any mismatch and know that the car had been in an accident and the repair job was done improperly. Stay away from buying such vehicles.

2. Test a few parts

If you are unsure about the gaps, try testing them to add an extra layer of surety. Open and close the doors and feel how they operate. Do that on all the doors to match your experience. Next, switch on the headlights and check for alignment. Again, you should be keeping your eye out for mismatches here and any uncanny feeling is an alarming indication. At times, the damage is on the structure and it is difficult to get the doors or the hood aligned.

3. Check the paint job

The paint job on the car is a clear giveaway of any accident-damaged vehicle. Reputed body shops have to really work hard to get the shade of the paint just right all over the car and often, the shady workers leave things at mediocre levels. Hence, you will often find cheap used cars in Anderson, SC, coming in multiple shades of the main body color. As obvious, a proper used car will have an even color coating all over the body.

4. Lastly, inspect the screws

A used car with brand new screws says that it has been fixed recently. And if there are a lot of new screws concentrated in just one region, that means that specific part might have had extensive damage. Ask the car dealership in Anderson, SC the reason for the new screws. If they accept accident-damage, try getting in a second expert opinion on the condition of the car. With this step ticked, you should be good.


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