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How to Tell If the Trade-In Value Offered to You is Fair or Not?

One of the greatest apprehensions among used car buyers in Anderson revolves around getting a fair trade-in value on their used cars. Most shoppers bank on the trade-in value to pay a high down payment on their next used car. And many internet experts tend to make you believe that dealerships are the worst places to sell your old car. On the contrary, reputed car dealerships in Anderson, SC work to give you the best value, along with offering the convenience of sorting out the involved paperwork. But that does not mean that you will get the best deals in every used car dealership across Anderson. Some dealers out there do look to extract money.

So, to tell that your trade-in value is solid and fair, ask the dealer the following questions. Then, look for a few specific answers to those questions and get yourself a great deal.

On what grounds did you value/devalue my car?

All dealers have a set of parameters that they look at while evaluating used cars in Anderson. And the reputed names will be more than willing to share their list with you. Make sure that the dealership expert works with you rather than against you, constantly involving you in the evaluating process. The dealer should tell you that the engine is in perfect shape and you will get a full price for it but the tire will need changing and your payment receivable will have to be lowered to cover that expense.

How did you calculate depreciation on my car?

Typically, dealers look at the market rate of your old car and deduct the repair charges that they have to carry out on your vehicle. Some dealers may also include the demand factor of your car in the market and depreciate your old car a bit more. No matter what the reasons are, you should expect full transparency. Answers like “we have our own methods” generally indicate that the dealer is placing a random number that maximizes its profits. You have full right to know why you are not directly getting the market price.

What are these additional charges that you are taking?

You will naturally get a breakdown of the trade-in value you are receiving. And many unscrupulous car dealerships in Anderson, SC tend to sneak in hidden charges to further lower your trade-in value. Read the full invoice clearly. Ask the dealer at every step what are the additional charges for and why are they charging the same. Obviously, you will be looking for justifiable answers but on the hint of anything shady, pull out of the deal and keep exploring your trade-in options at other dealerships.

At Family Auto Sales, you get the trade-in value you deserve on your old car. We strive to give you the best price in the market that enables you to make a high down payment on your bad credit auto loan. We maintain a transparent but thorough evaluation process and offer you a price that matches the market standards. Expect only the best trade-in experience at Family Auto of Anderson.


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