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Online Used Car Buying: Why Is It Still a Distant Dream in Anderson?

When e-commerce shopping platforms shot to fame, many experts thought that online car shopping should be the next big thing in Anderson, South Carolina. But that did not happen. Then, a viral pandemic swept the world forcing retail centers to shut shop and increasing dependency on buying over the internet. Yet, the preference for online used car shopping could not take off. Temporarily, backed by attractive deals, some customers did choose to buy online. But they quickly found out that the features advertised by online car dealers in Anderson, SC were just not good enough.

Here are 3 experiences directly from online used car buyers in Anderson.

1.The delivered car did not match the online pictures

“A. I did not get the color I wanted. The picture was navy blue and I got royal blue. B. The trim was different than what was said on the website. And C. A few features were clearly missing from what was mentioned in the description.”, said Elias C. Clayborn who bought a used Toyota Corolla from one of the online used car dealers in Anderson, SC. It is easy for dealers to hide behind the barrier of the computer. And like Elias, you can do little once your car is registered and delivered.

2.Limited test-drive options

Buying a used car without a proper test drive is a cardinal sin and Brandy Jenson found it out the hard way when she opted for an online used car. “I was promised an at-home test drive. They brought the car all right but there were a lot of terms and conditions. I could not ask for another car without a fee. I could not time my test drive as per my free time. And many others.”Retail car dealerships in Anderson, SC, can seldom have these snags. Replicating the benefits of offline test driving will be difficult for online dealers.

3.It is easy to hide damages

Melanie Sink found the patch of paint covering the rust on her used Nissan Altima “just after the guys from the dealership left”. As you do not inspect your car first-hand and a used car can only be home delivered after all the paperwork is complete, many online car dealerships in Anderson, SC sell lemon cars to shoppers. Salvage history, rusted body, old tires, and damaged engines, you can end up with all types of lemon cars if you vest your trust with the wrong online dealer and unfortunately, the internet is filled with such players.

Some things just cannot go online. Especially when an investment of a few thousand dollars in on the cards. Unless some new technology disrupts the market again, stick to offline used car dealers in Anderson, SC to buy your car. It is smart and safe combined with assured peace of mind.


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