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Should You Buy a 1995s Used Car in Anderson with Low Miles?

Apart from the vintage look that 1995s used cars carry, the price tag for such vehicles presents a more attractive case for used cars buyers. A 1995s Toyota Tacoma or a BMW 8-series or even a Dodge Ram 50 SE may seem fantastic on paper, coupled with low mileage in the range of 60,000 miles, but these do not necessarily make them worthy buys. Unless you are in a reputed auto dealership in Anderson, SC, you can rarely trust the reconditioning work that has gone into such vehicles. Buying a 1995s used car is a bit more completed than buying a 2000s or 2010s used vehicle and you just cannot base your decision upon the car’s price and look.

Old age plus low mileage equals cause of concern

Let’s take the example of a 1995 Dodge Ram 50 SE. In a car dealership for bad credit financing, you can easily finance this truck given its exceptionally low price. Plus, with just 60,000 miles on the odometer, it might seem that the pickup might run for a decade more as most of its parts should stay in perfect shape.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true.

A pickup that is almost 25 years old will not have most of its original parts. And if it just has 60,000 miles on it, know that the pickup stood in the garage for a long time. The quality of this pickup now depends on the professionalism of the reconditioning that has made the vehicle fit for running. And you have no way to test the same. If you really want a 1995 used vehicle, stick to the top car lots with buy here pay here in Anderson. A dealer like Family Auto will give you a 2 years/36,000 miles flat warranty that proves the quality of reconditioning that has gone into the vehicle you are buying.

Compromise on safety and reliability are on the cards

As time progressed, auto technology advanced and that means modern used cars are way safer than the 1995s used cars. Dual airbags in US cars only became mandatory in 1998 and stability control arrived in vehicles in 2007. You will only find the basic safety features available today in the costliest used cars of the 1995s.

Additionally, given the technological limitation of that time, the 1995s used cars are rarely as reliable as modern used cars. Unless every single part of the used car has been changed during reconditioning, expect a high cost of ownership of 1995s buy here pay here cars in Anderson with low miles.

What should you do?

If you can target the right model, a 1995’s used car is not entirely a bad buy. And if you buy from the best auto dealership in Anderson, SC, like Family Auto, you can derive maximum value out of your car. We only buy the top cars from the market. We pass every model through expert reconditioning before placing it in our lot for sale. So, when you see a 1995’s used car in Family Auto, you can trust the vehicle’s quality, backed by an assured warranty, and can buy it without a shred of doubt.


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