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Should You Buy Rental Cars from Companies like Hertz and Avis?

Car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise do not only provide rental services, they also maintain another wing where they sell part of their fleet after the vehicles have run their courses with the company. Now, these used cars and used trucks in Anderson come with lucrative price tags. They are also well-maintained and carry a clean service history.Most deals are designed to convince you to buy rental cars but before you take the leap, you must question the idea first. Will buying a rental car benefit you? Is it a good idea both in the short and long term? Let’s find out.

Rental cars carry over-the-moon odometer readings

And the reason is obvious. Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis can only earn their revenue if their fleet is always on the road. The more they can rent their cars, the more profit they can generate. In the process, rental cars accumulate more odometer reading than the average. While 15,000 miles in a year is considered a good rate, it is not surprising to find rentals that have gone over 30,000 miles a year.Excessive time on the road produces that much wear and tear. Even if a few parts have been replaced, the fleet’s internal condition can seldom be compared to used cars by dealers. If you decide to buy a rental, prepare for low vehicle longevity.

Not all owners take care of rental cars

Despite the rules and guidelines that rental companies set for their customers, it is impossible for them to keep track of how their customers are taking care of the rented cars. Sure, the company can monitor the maximum speed a customer clocked but it cannot find out if the driver applied frequent hard brakes, parked in a dusty garage, or ran with low fuel levels. Certain driving habits are detrimental for cars and rental vehicles face that much abuse due to no fixed ownership. Here again, used car dealers in Anderson, SC present a stronger case in terms of car quality as their fleet generally comes from individual car owners.

Evaluating a rental car is expensive

It is nearly impossible for an average citizen’s eye to spot defects in rental cars. The vehicles will look fairly new and all visible parts will seem to work fine but it is the power train that receives the most wear and tear and that is what you need to inspect. Hence, you will need the services of a professional and that will be an added expense on top of the car’s cost. Combine both and you can easily get buy here pay here cars in Anderson where you can skip the mechanic evaluation part if you buy from trusted dealers like Family Auto. You get a 2-year/36,000 miles warranty on your used car. You need not worry about hidden defects.


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