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Should You Worry About the Upcoming Rubber Shortage and Replace Your Used Car Tires?

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted more than one industry that directly feeds the US auto sector. We already witnessed what the semiconductor shortage did to the auto market. Now, experts are speculating that we might see a rubber shortage in the US, and auto manufacturers might find it difficult to get their steady supply of tires. This means that the phenomenon of the semiconductor shortage will repeat itself and the prices of both cars and tires could rise further soon.

What should you do in such a situation? Do you replace all your used car tires when the prices are still affordable? Or, do you play the waiting game and see where the market goes? After all, these are just speculations that might or might not come true.

Change your tires if a replacement is due

Your owner’s manual is the best place to learn more about your used cars in Anderson. Consult with the manual to understand exactly when the manufacturer recommends a tire change from its date of manufacture. Typically, the span is 10 years. If the replacement is due within the next couple of years, it will help your finances to change the tires now because the shortage news is very real. You do not want to buy tires when the prices peak. Plus, you benefit more by getting a new set of tires way before the old tires completely wear out as delaying replacements brings about safety issues.

Replace if your car was not well-maintained

The 10-year tire replacement mark is an ideal one. Manufacturers and dealers recommend that number only when the vehicle you own is extremely well-maintained with proper driving habits and convenient weather and road conditions. But if you bought cheap used cars in Anderson with questionable maintenance histories, you might need a tire change much before you hit that 10-year limit. Carry out the usual tire check routines. Conduct the penny test, consult with an expert. Again, if a replacement is due in the next few years, get it done now.

What about winter or snow tires?

Logic dictates that you buy your winter or snow tires now because tire prices are about to rise soon. But you must question their necessity first living in Anderson, South Carolina, as we do not see harsh winters as compared to the states up north. Snow tires, specifically, are unnecessary investments in South Carolina. You can still buy winter tires to get better traction during wet conditions but you can also do without them. Here again, consult with an expert of used cars in Anderson and then make your tire purchase decisions.

No need to press the panic button yet

Especially, if you have just bought your used car from Family Auto of Anderson. Our vehicles are of impeccable quality. That means your used car already has solid tires that will run you without hiccups for quite some time. And if a replacement was due, be sure that we have already taken care of it during our reconditioning step. At Family Auto, you get more than just easy auto loans in Anderson. You get quality assurance with a clean maintenance history and used car warranties.


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