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The Difference Between AWD and 4WD Used Cars

Most car manufacturers use the terms AWD and 4WD interchangeably but there is a fine line between the two even when the concept at the surface is similar. Understandably, cars with AWD and 4WD receive power on all its wheels but the traction created is where the deviation starts. You cannot blindly buy a used car if it has 4WD written on it. Neither can you settle for AWD as 50% of cars now have it. You need to understand the difference clearly, judge your driving habits, and then pick the model best suited for you from top Anderson car dealerships.

The mechanism

AWD or All-Wheel Drive is automatic. That is the car senses when all its four wheels require power and delivers it to them accordingly. Under normal conditions, power is only fed to two wheels, front or back depending on the model. Full-time AWD vehicles feed power to all wheels all the time. The net amount is varied depending on the road.

4WDs or Four-Wheel Drives also receive power on all its four wheels but the transition from two to four is manual. The driver has to press a switch or pull a level to decide when to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel. In the full-time mode, the driver can decide how much power to feed. And which axle gets priority over the other.

The available traction

If you are living in and around Anderson area, look for the best used car dealers in Anderson, SC and ask for their suggestion, although they probably will suggest you AWD vehicle if you are mainly a city driver and 4WD if you are outside the city limit. During monsoons, when roads tend to get slippery, AWD can give you better control of your car than the 4WD. Plus, if you are not proficient in making split-second decisions on difficult terrains, you will want your car to make the power transmission decisions for you.

4WD vehicles are suitable for off-road drivers.That is why it currently comes standard in high-end trucks and luxury vehicles.The manual decisions give the driver a better grip as the automatic tends to malfunction when the terrain is too rough. Go for 4WD if you live outside the city limits or intend to travel a lot with your car.

Price and fuel economy

Comparing directly, 4WDs have a better fuel economy than AWDs. The former is cheaper as well. But not all compact SUVs or sedans come with 4WD. You will get AWD on these. In the truck range, visit the buy here pay here dealership with a large inventory to get both 4WD and AWD options and pick the right vehicle depending on your budget and driving location.


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