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Want to Sell Your Old Car Privately? Beware of These Scams in Anderson

It is no news that selling your old car privately today is way easier than what it used to be a few years back. You no longer have to print leaflets and go around your block stapling them on trees. You can simply take a few shots of your vehicle, upload them to an e-commerce site, and the whole world will know instantly that you are selling your car. It might seem that getting your customers will be that easy as well. One fine day, you will receive a notification from an interested buyer and he/she will just walk up to your doorstep with the money once the deal is finalized.

Alas! things are never this easy. The convenience of the internet also makes it a breeding ground for fraudsters because the other party does not have to meet you to trick you. Even in this digital age, it is way better to search for the best buy here pay here car lots near Anderson, SC, and trade-in your vehicle. The following scams make selling your old car privately tricky because it is difficult to spot one when the con is being done on you.

Scam 1: The buyer wants to finish the deal online

You don’t need to meet the seller while buying a dishwasher online. Why should your buyer meet you when you are selling your car? Not interacting in person might seem like the new normal now but you should not transact like this especially while selling your car. You need to confirm that the buyer is legit. You need to ensure that the title is transferred from your name to the buyer’s. Because even if you get your money, any crime committed in it will be traced back to you unless the buyer registers the car. Always, meet your buyer before selling.

Scam 2: The buyer is ready to pay whatever you ask

Even you know that this is not possible. Genuine buyers who are interested in buying your car will question the price you have placed to some extent. If the person on the other side agrees to whatever you ask, be sure that you are not getting your money. Negotiation is a crucial part of selling your old car privately and everyone knows that. Buyers who agree to your first quote are only interested in taking ownership of your car without paying a single dime.

Scam 3: The buyer wants to pay you in instalments

You will hear something like – my lender is not willing to pay the whole amount upfront. He/she will even offer to connect you with the lender who is generally a partner in the crime. Once you take the first payment and transfer the title, the next few will never come and you will not know where your car went along with its new owner. Most legit lenders pay the seller the full amount. No one breaks up the payments for any reason.

Scam 4: The buyer wants to deal through an escrow account

Now, there is nothing wrong with this. But then, you have to test the legitimacy of the escrow service provider along with checking the credentials of the buyer. Things only get complicated when you are trying to sell privately, as opposed to trading in a buy here pay here in Anderson, because you will have to grant almost all the wishes of your buyer. And if your research is not solid and the escrow service masked itself well, you will end up losing a lot of money.

Why not trade in your old car at Family Auto and forget about being scammed? We offer you the best trade-in rates and you get to buy quality $500 down used cars near Anderson. Family Auto is legit every step of the way. We take care of the paperwork and seamlessly help you through the process. In the end, you drive out with a used car that has a comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles warranty and the trust factor of a reputed dealership.


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