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What is a Lemon Car and How to Stay Away from It?


The car has turned into a lemon – the most dreaded statement any owner wants to here. And even more dreaded if you had just bought the vehicle in the used car market without any knowledge of the manufacturing defects.Disreputable dealerships sell cheap used cars in Anderson that has become a lemon to get rid of these useless vehicles that the manufacturer won’t take back. You may get these cars at a jaw-dropping low price but will never get any service out of them. The first step to avoiding lemon cars is knowing what they are. Then, comes the question of how not to buy one.

What is a lemon car?

Lemon cars are typically vehicles with manufacturing defects that cannot be fixed. Even after repeated attempts, if the problem persists, the car is termed as a lemon. Now, under most state laws, a manufacturer has to buy back a lemon car by reimbursing the entire down and credit payments the customer had to bear but, in some cases,such vehicles end up in the used car market with the problems hidden. Serious issues like brake pad failures, engine defects, and faulty steering lead a car down the path to becoming a lemon. And, as evident, these cars should not be finding their way to new customers.

How to stay away from lemon cars?

If you are being offered used cars in Anderson under 3000, chances are high that the car has turned lemon. In the best possible scenario, you will end up with a car that has an irreparable engine defect that cannot be reversed. Two or three shop visits will drain around $7,000 every time and you will stand to lose over $24,000 in a matter of months. So, staying away from really cheap used cars is always the smartest way.


Second, stick to dealerships with buy here pay here in Anderson, SC that offers flat warranties. Such dealers will never sell you a lemon car as they will stand to lose money as you come again and again to repair your vehicle under warranties. This will also serve as an assurance of the car’s quality. Even the most trivial of parts will be in top shape.

Dealership reputation matters

Lemon cars are mostly sold by dealers or individual sellers who do not care about brand reputation. To reap the same financial benefits of buying cheap used cars, opt for buy here pay here in Anderson, SC with 500 down offers. Then, flex your credit payments to suit your budget and buy a quality car within the affordable range. Great cars can never come at prices that are too good to be true. Invest smartly instead. Plan with your dealer. And get a car that will stay with you for a long time and also give you a good resale.


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