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What is a Rebadged Used Car and Why Should You Care?

If you have been researching used cars in Anderson, SC, you have surely come across vehicles that appear to be quite similar to each other except for a few specs. Often, they belong to the same manufacturer, fall in the same segment, and ask an expert dealer and they will term the used cars as rebadged versions of each other. Now, why are car manufacturers selling the same vehicle with two different names? Have they run out of creativity or trying to fool customers? Well, rebadging is a legit concept and it can help you in the used car market.

What are rebadged used cars?

Take the example of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. The latter is a rebadged version of the former – two very similar vehicles carrying different names. General Motors manufactures both vehicles but it sells the Sierra in the luxury pickup segment while the Silverado is more for the masses. Compare their specs and you will see that the Silverado and the Sierra carry the same platform, engine specs, and even design. The only deviation may come in the form of a few upscale features that the Sierra will have and the Silverado will miss.

The purpose of selling rebadged vehicles is to expand the inventory. To reach out to customers of all tastes, manufacturers have historically rolled out rebadged vehicles to maximize their inventory. However, rebadging has currently faded away as a trend as automakers like Ford and General Motors have halted production of cars in their extra brands like Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, and Mercury.

Why should you care about rebadged cars?

Mercury cars were basically Ford. Similarly, Pontiacs had General Motors written all over them. If you happen to come across vehicles of such brands while scanning through used cars for sale in Anderson, SC, you can literally buy a Ford or GM vehicle at a steal-away rate. A few notices phased-out car brands and the demand is low in the segment. Visit a top dealer, buy with a warranty, and you can get a used car on a budget.

However, if out-of-production car brands are not your piece of cake, you need to keep your eye open for current rebadged quality auto sales in Anderson, SC. Along with Silverado and Sierra, Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX are rebadged siblings. So, are Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon. One can act as the perfect alternative to the other as you will get similar specs, require similar car parts for repairs, and see similar performances.


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