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What is a Rebuilt Title and Why it Matters?

If you have been shopping for used cars in Anderson, SC for quite some time now, you have surely come across terms like rebuilt titles and clean titles. And you might have also noticed that used cars with rebuilt titles cost way less than their clean title counterparts. As a smart American buyer, you will definitely want to take the discount in price available if the two vehicles look exactly the same from the outside but you also know in your mind that whatever cost less are often not the best. So, what is the deal with rebuilt titles? Why should you care about it while buying used cars? Here’s a crash course on the same – everything you need to know.

What exactly is a rebuilt title?

Some accidents render the involved vehicles totally unfit for repair. Insurance companies term them as totaled and brand the title as salvage. Now, the insurance companies sell such totaled cars with salvage titles to junkyards from where many repair shops pick them up and fix the vehicles. Once patched up, the cars undergo an inspection by the State authorities and if deemed fit to be resold, the vehicles get rebuilt titles. Simply speaking, used cars with rebuilt titles mean that the vehicles have previously been in massive accidents and fixed after that.

What’s a clean title then?

Opposite to rebuilt titles, used cars with clean titles that are sold at the top buy here pay here dealerships used cars with bad credit have a clean history. That is, they have never been totaled, or recalled by the manufacturer to fix a technical issue, or had to see an odometer rollback. Obviously, such used vehicles are high in demand in the market and carry a pricier tag than vehicles with rebuilt titles.

Should you consider buying used cars with rebuilt titles?

If the totaled vehicle has been professionally fixed, then used cars with rebuilt titles are worth considering. But there is no way of knowing just by looking at a used Honda or Toyota of Anderson if it received a professional reconditioning or not. To be extra sure, take the help of a mechanic and have the car thoroughly evaluated. After all, you get good deals on rebuilt title cars if you are willing to sacrifice the resale value you might get in the future.

But you can never compare the quality of rebuilt title used car with one that has a clean title. If deals are your priority, consider used cars with bad credit financing at top dealerships like Family Auto. When a car has been in a massive accident, its structural integrity is compromised. And no amount of professional work can fix that without a total frame replacement. For safety, overlook vehicles with rebuilt titles. Buy used cars with clean titles and assured warranties for your peace of mind.


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