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Where to Buy the Latest Used Model of Toyota Camry?

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular sedans in the used car market. Popular opinion says that you are lucky if you can find the latest Camry in a used car lot as the model’s owners rarely sell their cars. Camry returns the best EPA figures in the gasoline sedan segment. And it is known to run for more than a decade without causing massive troubles. Convincing you to buy a used Camry is never the problem. Finding one, however, is a different challenge altogether.

Look only in the best Anderson car dealerships

Small dealerships with a limited fleet size rarely have the resources to bring in such popular models. Only the top dealerships spread over a wide number of locations in South Carolina can meet your request.Pick that dealer who boasts of a massive inventory. It absorbs used vehicles from multiple sources and has the highest chance of housing the latest used Camry. With a top buy here pay here dealership in Anderson, you can also stay assured about the car’s quality. It should extend a flat warranty to cover bumper to bumper.

Think beyond CPOs

Visiting a Toyota of Anderson is definitely a choice if you are looking for the latest used Camry. On the chance that the model is available, you will either have to buy new or pick one from the CPO section. Now, the new model of the Toyota Camry carries an average price tag of around $28,000. CPO vehicles may see that figure drop to $22,500. Used car dealers, on the other hand, will charge you $16,000 with similar deals where you will hardly notice any difference in the vehicle. Cars depreciate rapidly in the first 5 years but their performances do not reduce that much. Make use of this feature and buy used instead of a CPO.

Keep an eye on the finances

It is no news that popular used cars in Anderson, SC, like the Toyota Camry, do not come cheap. The premium model can cost anywhere around $20,000. Add to that the expenses of taxes and insurance and you may very well stare at a figure that your credit amount will not cover. Here, buy here pay here used car dealerships can become your savior where your credit score does not decide your loan approval. You can also trade-in your old car to increase the down payment amount and surely go home with a Camry.

Thus, from all angles, Anderson car dealerships make sense. And that is your obvious answer. Be sure to do your research, check the deals on offer, and read every fine print. The used car you buy will be as good as the dealership you pick. The model and make come second in the used vehicle’s market.


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