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Why Should You Walk Away from a Used Car Extended Warranty?

Most used car lots in Anderson, SC offer extended warranties. And these look great on the advertisement banner to make a great case for such dealerships. However, the bubble might soon burst when you read the fine print. Extended warranties are paid warranties where you have to pay a certain sum initially to enjoy the benefits for a couple of years. But isn’t the coverage worth it? What if you can save more than what you pay upfront by availing the repair coverages for two long years? Unfortunately, it only seems that used car extended warranties are worth every penny but the reality is quite different.

You hardly get coverages of your payment’s worth

Typically, an extended warranty available at used car lots in Anderson, SC will cost you around $1,500 – a one-time upfront payment as you buy a used car. The span should be 12 to 24 months depending on the warranty provider. And this is where it gets interesting.

One, the warranty provider’s business is to sell the deal at a higher price than the coverage expenses so that it makes a profit from the difference. If every used car buyer receives more repair coverage than what they actually paid, the warranty provider’s business would not exist.
Two, the warranty providers do their homework before slapping their backing on any used car. Only those used cars with exceptional underlying quality get extended warranty offers. This means it is unlikely that you will see any major repairs in the next 2 years and the $1,500 paid will just buy you peace of mind.
Lastly, used cars today are manufactured to survive the test of time. Engines survive more than a decade while other parts that come under bumper-to-bumper can run you over 15 years. So, if you are buying an extended warranty for a 5-year-old used car, repairs that are covered will not crop up until another 5 years. Hardly any extended warranty runs that long and the initial payment again does not benefit you.

Walk away from extended warranties

Unless you are buying a highly unreliable car with questionable quality. And if that is the case, you will hardly find any warranty provider who will be willing to cover such a used vehicle in the first place. But we do not mean that cars do not break down and people do not enjoy the benefits of having warranties. We instead mean that if you feel that you need a warranty on the used car that you are buying, you should not pay for it.

That is the deal at Family Auto sales. In our dealership, you get a very comprehensive 2 years/36,000 miles on all cars that you see in the lot. Additionally, the warranty offer is included in the used car purchase package and you do not have anything extra, unlike extended warranties at other lots.

So, visit Family Auto of Anderson for the best buy here pay here cars with warranties. Buy quality used cars and remain covered. Extended warranties are rarely customer-friendly but we turned the package around, made warranties deserving, and now present you an offer that you simply cannot refuse.


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