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Why You Should Not Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Anderson?

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Posted by Family Auto of Anderson LLC on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Manufacturers advertise several reasons as to why you should buy CPO vehicles instead of a regular used car. After all, the CPO program is their only way to sell off their premium trims after they have served their lease period and are no longer brand new. So, you hear benefits like low mileage with a rating of just 5-year/70,000 miles along with a manufacturer warranty, the new feeling, and so on. But what they do not tell you is that buying certified pre-owned vehicles in Anderson actually drains your money. You get so caught up with the benefits that you fail to see the other side.

Here is why you should not buy CPO cars if you are planning to go used. Instead, search for standard buy here pay here dealers selling quality used cars near Anderson and stay well inside your budget.

You take a partial hit of depreciation

That “nearly-new” tag that CPO cars carry along should be your indication that your car will continue to depreciate further before the rate can flatten out. Hence, even when you are buying used to fend off depreciation in the first place, you will still lose out as the car is “nearly new”. CPO cars lose 10% or more after they into your ownership and you do not get the resale that you expect 5 years down the line.

Your options are seriously limited

Not all cars of all makes become CPOs. Only the top-of-the-line luxurious vehicles that people want to lease find their way into the CPO programs. Even here, only one out of five cars are fit enough to make the elite list. These factors reduce your options only to a handful of CPO used cars or used trucks in Anderson. Try searching for a Ford Escape of Hyundai Santa Fe in the CPO section. It will be difficult to get these models as people do not lease them.

CPOs are pretty expensive

And because your options are limited only to the luxury trims, pre-owned vehicles in Anderson are unnecessarily expensive. For instance, consider a fully-equipped used Toyota RAV4. This will have all the features that you will typically want from a luxury SUV and the cost of this used car will stand at around $37,000. Now, in the CPO section, you will not find a RAV4. Instead, you will have to settle for an Audi Q5 at a price of $42,000. The trade-off is not justified at all. Toyotas are far more reliable than Audis and you are paying more for a worse car.

Unless you have money to spend, the deals on CPOs do not live up to their price. Standard used cars or used trucks in Anderson offer a better return on investment. Make the logical choice. Look past CPOs. The modern used car market has improved and is leaving behind CPOs by a healthy margin.


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