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Worried About Fuel Economy? Avoid Buying Used Cars with These Features

Fluctuating fuel prices have probably been the worst enemy of American car owners right after road accidents. We are continuously worrying about gas prices since the 1970s and consistently looking for cars that are fuel-efficient. But if you need an SUV or a pickup truck, fuel efficiency is one parameter that you cannot single-mindedly prioritize. The bigger the vehicle you buy, the poorer the EPA becomes due to all those added weights and extra passengers.

Fortunately, you can still lower fuel expenses despite your used car’s EPA rating. And that effort must begin at Anderson used car dealerships where you will want to chuck the following cool features from the vehicle you are buying. If you allow the engine to just do its job without overworking it with fashionable features, you are sure to get a fuel efficiency close to the rated EPA.

1. A high-tech stereo with multiple speakers

You might be a music lover and want those speakers to amplify the beats you love but what you would really be doing is make the engine work extra hard to power your heavy speakers. Your car’s stereo system ultimately runs on electricity. And that electricity comes from the alternator fitted with the engine’s crankshaft. If the alternator has to produce more electricity, the engine has to work harder to move the crankshaft, and more fuel is burned in the process, all of which do not reach the tires.

So, if you want to listen to your favourite tunes during those long drives, invest in a used car with a basic stereo system. You may even want to look for a car with a standard infotainment system in used car lots in Anderson, SC. The idea is to divert maximum engine power to the wheels rather than spending much of it on the added features.

2. Heated front and passenger seats

Many car manufacturers have successfully hyped up their heated seat feature. Especially during those menacing winters, you might feel that heated seats are almost a necessity. But before buying a used car with heated seats, really question how much do you actually need them? The heated seat feature work on a similar principle as your stereo. It needs electricity from the alternator to generate the required heat. This, again, brings down the fuel economy whenever you turn the switch on and hurts your gas expenses.

If you are unsure, consult with the best buy here pay here in South Carolina regarding the necessity of heated seats. Expert dealers like Family Auto will guide you right depending on your driving habits, exact home location, and more.

3. Roof cargo box

Another feature that is only cool to look at but does no good to your car’s fuel economy. The deadweight of the roof cargo box, that is the weight when you do not have to carry anything on the roof, increases the vehicle’s overall weight. And the vehicle’s engine naturally has to work more to pull those added pounds. Plus, when you leave the unused roof cargo box intact on your car, it affects the aerodynamics of the vehicle, especially on the highways. The overall impact hurts your car’s fuel efficiency. You leak money without ever knowing that the roof gear was the menace.

Again, if you really need the roof cargo box, get it. But make sure to unhinge it and leave it back at the garage when you do not have any load to carry. Such simple steps can go a long way to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.


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